Embarking on “120 Days”

(Hello Everyone!!!)

An overly Asian-themed shot during our 2010 trip to Kaohsiung, taken by the pavilions at Lotus Lake.

I can’t believe it… just a few more weeks until we depart for our 4-month trip to Asia and Taiwan.  It’s something that Lani and I have said we wanted to do ever since we got married… and now, just a few more weeks until we head to LAX, board on a plane, and fly out!

Over the past year, as we’ve been researching and planning for our trip, I was constantly scouring the internet for ideas, figuring out what we need, etc.  Inevitably I would always end up on someone’s travel blog, reading a complete stranger’s stories, learning from their mistakes, etc.  As I encountered more and more of these on the interwebs, I had the crazy idea of trying to do a blog myself.

After chatting with Lani about it, she said “sure!”, although she warned me that I’ll probably be the one writing most of the entries. =)

Yet another overly Asian-themed shot at the same location, this time with Mike.

Regardless, I’ve gone ahead and set up a wordpress site for our new blog, 120 Days in Taiwan.  And over the next few weeks and months, I hope to try and start posting about our preparation for and then are adventures during our trip through Asia and Taiwan.

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