Asian Electronics

I know that Asian countries tend to have the reputation of being all into electronics and being light-years ahead of the rest of the modern world when it comes to how it implements and uses electronics in daily life…

But when I came across this in a local Singaporean grocery store while shopping with Evan and Vicky, I thought it just took this to a whole new level.

That’s right… those are LCD displays… for price tags.

Apparently, they use LCD displays since it’s easier to update and deal with rather than using stickers like we do at Vons and Safeway.


3 thoughts on “Asian Electronics

  1. I saw those for the first time here in the US at a Kohls. I, too, was fascinated by them. I don’t know how much the displays themselves cost, but it seems like they’d pay for themselves rather quickly, especially when you consider the raw cost of stickers along with the manual labor required to update them.